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Video Production is a process of 2 steps: Filming and then Editing.  Each process has its own cost and the cost depends on the complexity of the job. For example, filming cost will require cameras, microphones, lights, sound recorders and the manpower to setup and handle each piece of equipment.

Once the filming is completed then the material will need to be edited and the cost of video editing depends if the video was filmed using only one camera or multiple camers or one microphone or multiple microphones.  Each project is different and we try to give our customers the highest quality possible for an affordable price that is fair to us and to the customer.  



FILMING: We film your video show in our location with a green screen, so you don't need to stress about building a stage or background. You just come with your guests and we take care of filming and lighting, sound.

Every talk show format is different but our baseline package is $150 for 1 hour session of filming and $75 for each additional hour. You split the 1-hour time on 2 segments of 30 minutes each or 3 segments of 20 minutes each or 4 segments of 15 minutes each, with a guest at each time or yourself only.

EDITING: The cost of editing and producing every 15 minutes of video for youtube from 2 cameras is $75 or $150 for a 30-minutes program. If additional cameras or audio editing or close caption is needed then an additional cost will be added. 

click here to watch one of the shows we produce at our location.

Call us for a free estimate at 1-800-725-7210 or 416-877-9555



Coming to your location with our equipment to film (cameras, tripods, lights, microphones, green screen if needed, stands, etc.) has an additional cost of $75. However we can customize our rates according to the complexity of the work to film and produce the final product.



We can come to your location to film your special event using multi cameras. Check the Videos section for some of the events we have filmed.

The cost to come with our film equipment to locations within the city of Toronto is $200 for the first hour of filming and $75 for every extra hour. Then the cost to edit and produce a video is the same as mentioned above in the "Editing" section: $75 for every 15 minutes of editing or $150 for 30-minutes program. 

click here to watch one of the events we have filmed and produced.

Call us for a free estimate at 1-800-725-7210 or 416-877-9555



We produce video ads, commercials, interviews, music videos and more for your youtube channel. If you don't have a youtube channel yet we set it up for you. Our expertise allows us to take care of all video production details, including planning, filming, editing and post-production. We upload your final video into your youtube page or into our business youtube channel. If you have your website with us we also embed your video prominently into your website.

Cost for a video ad or commercial range from $80.00 up to $150.00 (filmed at our studio location).



We can provide close captioning for our customer videos. Our cost to do every 15 minutes of captioning is $30.



Production / Filming

1- 1080p HD video filming
2- MP3 Audio Recording made available for your podcast
3- Single or Two Camera Units for multi angle recordings available
4- Green Screen production available
5- Wired or Wireless Microphones available

Post Production / Editing

1- Editing raw footage
2- Multimedia integration (Pictures, Music or Video clips)
3- Closed caption available ($60 a 30-minutes video)
4- Encoding and conversion to MP4 for Web publishing
5- DVD creation available

Contact us to get a free consultation about your online needs.




Clixter Canada also offers Sounds services. The set up we offer is not for a big concert but rather for a gathering or a business presentation and we offer a basic service of audio mixer, speakers and wireless microphones (Note: We are not a DJ provider but we can play music for you through our mixer/speakers to entertain your crowd but you have to provide us with your music playlist). Cost depends on the amount of time. If you combine this with our Video Production services, then we can do a special package for you.

We can also bring a projector for additional cost and display a slide presentation or video clips as part of your business event. See below a picture of an event where we provided Video Production, Sound Services, Photography Services and Projection Services.

package services





To have a website built, there are 3 parts that are paid separately:  Web Design, Web Yearly Services and Website Maintenance. 

Web design is the work that takes to put your content in a nice format for your viewers to see.  Cost to have a website built ranges from the very basic website design which costs $150-$200 to a more advanced web design which could cost $400 or more depending on how complicated it could be. We based the cost based on your needs.

The second part is the yearly website services that are described in the next section and is a separate cost from the work of Website Design.



In order to keep a website running 24/7 you need the following services which we purchase, configure and maintain on your behalf:

1- Web Domain or Web Address which is your

2- Web Hosting which is the rented space on a super computer named "web server" where your content is stored for everyone to see it and the secure platform to manage it with your own login and password

3- SSL Security which is a lock that protects your website and your visitors against hacking while visiting your website. To understand what SSL is and how it works please watch the following video: How SSL works

4- One Email address under your domain ( We configure this through the Email App of Gmail, so you can have it connected to all the Google Apps (Google Docs, Sheets, Meets for video conferences or Messages and Google Drive)

5- Tech Support for a year so if there is any problem with your website at the domain, hosting or security level, we help to have it fixed so you don't need to contact multiple vendors with technical requests.

We purchase and configure the first 4 services every year for you, so you don't have to deal with technicalities and the complicated setup and yearly maintenance process.  The website services package for all 5 services above cost $200.86 CAD a year. We believe we have competitive rates and we always give our customers the best service possible.

Then you have to select one of the maintenance programs below.



Basic Maintenance and Customer support for your website includes once in a while postings of flyers or pictures on your website throughout the year. You just send the flyer or photos to us via email and we can do it on your behalf. You pay a nominal fee of $40 for the year.



This applies mostly for churches.  If you require us to update your church website every week with videos of your weekend service that you live stream to your youtube channel, then the basic standard fee to do that on your behalf is $20 a month.  This fee covers the time we spend every week to post and configure new videos on your homepage and on your video library section. 

However, we offer the option to train you on how to do that with a login and password to your website administrator.  In this way you don't pay any monthly fee since you do it yourself. 





We also can work on properly setting your business up on Google Search. Once we do our work and if someone types in your business name on google, it will come with buttons that can be tap on a phone or tablet, or clicked on a computer.  The buttons are the following:

  • Website: this button will go to your website
  • Directions: this button will open Google Maps and will show how to get to your business location. If done in a phone it will go in GPS mode.
  • Save: this button will allow the visitor to save your business to his favourite places and will be more easily accessible when visiting you.
  • Call: this button will automatically place a call to the business number you give to us to set up as contact point for voice.
  • Hours of operation: It will show the days of the week and the hours when your business is open
  • Reviews: It will allow people to leave reviews for your business. It is a good idea to encourage all your customers to give positive reviews as this is a key point for new customers to decide and go to your business.

For example, click the following button to see an image of what you get on Google when you search up our business "Clixter Canada":

Clixter Canada on Google Search

Additionally we will upload your logo to it, so people will recognize your business or if is a first-timer will start placing on his mind your brand.

Cost to do this setup for your organization is $100



We can also setup your social networks, including your Google+, Gmail, Youtube channel, Facebook Business/Fan Page, Twitter. We set them up having the same format and graphics to keep a uniformed look across all your social platforms. 

Check the following client links, and notice how all of them share the same graphics and format, keeping a same branded image:



If your website needs to receive donations, we offer the Paypal Integration. We setup a Paypal Business account and program the donation option in the Paypal account. Then we integrate a Donations button into your website so visitors will click the button and will be taken to your Paypal page with your logo where they can donate using a Paypal account or a Credit Card.

We recommend, for this option, to buy an SSL certificate to protect the traffic between your website and your visitor. The cost for an SSL Certificate is $49.99 CAD a year. Click the button below to understand what an SSL Certificate is and how it works.

SSL: What it is and how it works


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